• Healthureum is a dynamic and multi-functional ecosystem designed to bring Healthcare services on the blockchain to transform ‘How We Manage Our Healthcare’. Healthureum guarantees its users access to, the most efficient healthcare treatments, access to Physicians and Specialists globally, loans for health-related projects and opportunities to access first of its kind innovative treatment plans including philanthropic sponsorship programs.
Healthureum enable patients to consolidate all their data, whether personal, medical or emergency, stored in a single platform which is secured with encrypted codes, keeping all your information private, safe and all in one place.
Goal of Healthureum is to achieve decentralized healthcare through blockchain, closing the gap between services; through transparency, security and most importantly accountability
Healthurieum focus on implementing blockchain and smart contract technology across five principal fields of healthcare:
• Data Systemization
• Doctor Consultation and Referral
• Medical Infrastructure
• Research Programs
• Philanthropic Activities
Healthureum is an ERC20 token developed on the Ethereum-based system enabling the smooth deployment of smart contracts.
The HHEM token will act as a utility token on the Ethereum-based blockchain. All services procured in the Healthureum ecosystem shall accept only HHEM tokens as means of payment, and any rewards earned shall be compensated using HHEM tokens, for fast and secure transfers.
Healthureum’s utilization of the ERC20 token on the ethereum based blockchain will facilitate the funding, research and development for this ecosystem. The Token Generation Event will be used to raise sufficient funds for the project to go into full scale development. Participants will be able to purchase HHEM tokens during the TGE which will be utilized for developing the project, and once built the HHEM tokens may be used for services on the Healthureum platform. This method of development and adoption of blockchain and smart contract technology will bring transparency, along with S3 – standardization, scalability and social responsibility in healthcare.
30th of December 2017 or on the sale of 4.4 million tokens, which ever happens first.
26th February 2018.
1st April 2018.
Bonus Tokens for Early Birds
Pre-Sale TGE
Day 1: 45%
Week 1: 35%
Week 2: 25%

Day 1: 22%
Week 1: 17%
Week 2: 12%
Week 3: 7%
Week 4: 2%
Week 5: 0%
1) healthureum.io
2) Read our Participation Guide on your dashboard.
3) Purchase using BTC/ETH/ECH.
4) Make payment to the wallet address provided to complete transaction.
5) You will receive a purchase confirmation on your email.
6) Your HHEM tokens will be issued once the TGE has ended.
7) You can trade your tokens on an exchange or hold them for potential future growth.
 To be part of something HUGE which adds value to society.
 A first glance at healthcare’s most revolutionary project.
 Global access to healthcare services and expertise.
 Transparent and efficient services and payments.
 Ability to capitalize on a projects potential from day one.
 Avail of Pre-sale Bonus!
0.01BTC or 0.1ETH or 20ECH
Singapore, Japan, China, South Korea, United States, Pakistan, Somalia, Nepal, Bangladesh, North Korea, Lebanon.
No, as mentioned in our Terms of Purchase
Most healthcare tokens are focusing on a small-scale solution and primarily in either data management or in-home testing kits. Healthureum on the other hand is providing a conglomerate of healthcare services with a complete supporting ecosystem. Users will be able to access a wide range of services both globally and locally ensuring they have access to best of expertise available 24/7.
For new queries please write to us info@healthureum.io
Visit our Youtube Channel by clicking here or explore our White Paper.